The Cube II Scanning Electron Microscope offers a simple, intuitive user interface that can be understood by both novice and expert users.  This portable Tabletop SEM weighs 70kg and has a full 5-axis euccentric manual stage system.  The Cube II SEM has been miniaturized to minimize the installation area. High priority is given to maximum magnification and image resolution.

Users of the Cube II Tabletop SEM can perform rapid analysis by exchanging specimen within 90 seconds, the vacuum is ready within 90 sec, and ventilation ready within 10 seconds.

Feature Highlights

non-coating capability

Low voltage imaging for non-coating sample + charge reduction mode. Ex: insect, x1,000 (1kV)

DIY Installation

Easy to complete setup! Simply unbox, connect the USB, and connect the hose. Operation manual included.


Compact dimensions, making it easy for two people to handle the instrument. (410 x 440 x 520mm, 65kg, 143lbs)

Any EDS Inside Chasis

The Cube II SEM is compatible with IXRF, Oxford, Bruker, EDAX, Thermo, Perfect performance!

sem Specifications

Model Cube II SEM

5-axis Stage

X: 42mm (motorized) | Y: 42mm (motorized) | -Z: 5~53mm (motorized) | -T: -90° ~ 90° (Manual) | – R: 360° (Beam Rotation)

Vacuum Mode

High Vacuum Mode(<9×10-13) PA)
Charge Reduction Mode

Vacuum System

Fully Automated Evacuation System
– Turbo molecular pump (Vacuum ready within 90 sec)
– Rotary vane pump
– Electrical valve system

Electron Gun

Pre-centered Tungsten Filament


SE Detector4CH BSE Detector


5.0nm (SE Image at 30kV)


x10 ~ x200,000

Acceleration Voltage

1kV ~ 30kV

Image Shift


Maximum Sample Size

Horizontal : 140mmVertical : 80mm

Working Distance

5 ~ 53mm

Sample Loading Time

90 sec (Vacuum)10 sec (Vent)

Automatic Function

Auto Brightness & ContrastAuto FocusAuto Gun AlignmentAuto SaturationAuto FilamentBias

Image Format


Display Mode

Focus Mode : 320 x 240 pixel, Resizable
Preview Mode : 800 x 600
Slow Mode : Applicable to both preview and focus mode
Photo Mode : Up to 3200 x 2400


W x D x H = 410mm x 440mm x 520mm65kg

Operation Device(PC)

Windows 10-based All-in-One 21.5” Workstation100% controlled by keyboard and mouse

Optional Devices

EDS (All-in-one Model of SEM-EDS)Auto RotationAuto TiltChamber CameraNavigation
*Oxford, Bruker, EDAX, Thermo compatible

Power Supply

Single Phase : 100 ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, 1kVA

additional downloads

Cube II Application Note 17 (pdf)

Request a Demo

Request a Demo