SEM Applications: How Have SEMs Impacted The World?

Electron Microscopes might not be the most popular invention of our times, but surely, they have influenced our lives in many ways; cellphones, cars, medicine, computers, medical devices. Every industry, every business, and almost every person nowadays has benefited from the knowledge acquired thanks to electron microscopy.

Microscopy In Our Lives

To talk about the impact of electron microscopes, we should also quickly review the first microscopes.


The light microscope certainly revolutionized the medical field when it was invented. When there was no way of proving that microscopic life existed and interacted with us as part of our daily lives, light microscopes came to shine new light on our knowledge. 


This newly acquired knowledge rapidly helped us understand the world around us and thanks to it, new discoveries in the medical field were made. But it didn’t stop there.


As other fields of science grew, so did their need for new ways of improving technology. This is why microscopes were quickly adopted by other industries.

How Electron Microscopes Became So Relevant?

Whereas a traditional light microscope can only magnify up to x1,500 while maintaining visual quality, electron microscopes can achieve x1,000,000 magnification. That’s incredible given that it has allowed us to see individual atoms. Something which is not nearly possible with a traditional microscope.


These impressive levels of magnification have to do with the principles of the microscope and the use of a concentrated beam of electrons to create images. Thanks to their power and versatility, electron microscopes are being used as a way to further understand our world.


Way beyond simple nano-scale imagery, electron microscopes are also able to determine the topography, morphology, and composition of many different materials.

The SEM Application Across Different Industries

Generally speaking, when we think about microscopes we think of biologists and medical researchers. While this is not far from the truth, the reality is that many other industries greatly benefit from these advanced pieces of equipment. Here are just a few of the most influential SEM applications:

Medical & Biological Field

In the medical and biological field, SEMs are used to study cells, microorganisms and further study the external structures of other living beings. This is not limited, however, to a few specimens. In fact, the magnifying power of these microscopes can also give insights into the effectiveness of medications, treatments, and chemical compounds and their direct effect on the studied specimens.


Electron microscopy in these fields has led to a deep understanding of how living beings interact with each other and the discovery of new ways of treating illnesses.

Technology and Engineering Fields

SEMs also play their part in the industrial and commercial industries. Capable of generating high-definition images of 1-20 nm in structures, these microscopes are the perfect tool for quality control. Nanowires, which are used for high-sensitivity sensors, are just 1 nm in diameter. This makes it impossible to see without microscopes. But, with electron microscopes, they can be evaluated and inspected with ease.


This is also the case for equipment such as semiconductors. Semiconductors monumentally impact our everyday lives without us even realizing it. Cars, cellphones, televisions, computers, and any kind of electronic device uses semiconductors. Without them, the world as we know it wouldn’t be the same.

Microscopes Have Come a Long Way

From the invention of the first microscope hundreds of years ago to the invention of digital microscopes and the use of electron beams instead of photons, microscopy has come a long way. This technology is changing science and allowing scientists and researchers to find new ways to understand the world around us and improve our technology. 


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