SEM Repair & Maintenance With EOI

SEM Repair & Maintenance With EOI

Professional preventive maintenance programs not only address major issues but also keep electron microscopes performing up to factory standards. The more demanding the labs, the more specific maintenance is required. However, when you choose to work with Electron Optics Instruments, LLC, you are met with industry experts that will cater to your specific needs.

The SEM has many electronic circuits that have interfaces with many mechanical parts. The instrument will not function well if one of these mechanical parts or electronic circuits fails. 

Maintenance and Repair Services:

Whenever needed or agreed upon, routine maintenance will be performed by a specialized technician over a period of time according to your requirements and minimizing the downtime. EOI will agree with you on a suitable date to perform routine preventive maintenance.

SEM Maintenance Services

Maintenance includes cleaning the interior components of the SEM and verifying that the device is operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. SEM maintenance tasks can include the following:


  • Disassembly of the electronic source and the electronic column.
  • Cleaning of all parts of the electronic source and electronic column.
  • Reassembly of the source and column.
  • Replacement of openings.
  • Replacement of vacuum pump filters and oil.
  • Verification of the instrument vacuum cleaner.
  • Repair of electronic parts that do not work perfectly.
  • Verification that the instrument is fully operational.

SEM Repair Services

Unlike preventive maintenance, repair services require a prior inspection to determine the problem and the parts that will need replacement. While an estimate can be made and some issues can be identified over an initial consultation, a proper quote can only be extended once the instrument is carefully inspected. Repair services cannot be fully specified until they are needed. 

  1. Determination of the problem.
  2. Determination of the failing part.
  3. Repair or replacement of the part.
  4. Verification that the instrument is fully operational.

Repairing & Maintaining Scanning Electron Microscopes with EOI

With over three decades of expertise, EOI is one of the top industry leaders in the scanning electron microscope market. By paying special attention to every component, we make sure the entire system is running smoothly and at peak performance—even if you did not purchase your SEM with us. We are committed to providing the best and most cost-effective service and sales solutions to the Scanning Electron Microscope Industry.