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Benchtop SEM

VEritas SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope



1.  Simple and Intuitive User Interface for Everyone
2.  Wide range specimen observation & Non-destructive large specimen analysis
3.  X 10 ~ X 300,000 Magnification
4.  Automatic Functions To Minimize Repetitive
    - Auto Focus, Auto Brightness & Contrast,
      Auto Gun Alignment, Auto Saturation
5.  High Resolution Imaging
    - Veritas-3000 : 3nm SE Image (SE Detector)
    - Veritas-3100 : 3nm SE Image (SE Detector) /
                           4nm (BSE Image)
6.  Able to analyze specimen within 3 minutes after
    loading specimen

7.  Vacuum  Mode
    - Veritas-3000 : High Vacuum only (<9 x 10-3Pa)
    - Veritas-3100 : Variable Pressure(10 ~ 230Pa)
8.  Detector
    - Veritas-3000 : SE(ET Type)
    - Veritas-3100 : SE(ET Type) / BSE(4Channel, Semiconductor)
9.  Independent product  development, Quick & Prompt  AS
10.  Various kinds of  specimens can be analyzable with optional
     - 4Channel BSE- EDS - EBSD - WDS - CL -
       Raman Spectroscopy - LaB6 / Cebix Upgrade -
       E-beam Lithography -3D Imaging - Chamber Camera

11.  5-Axis Large scale motorized stage
      - Internal dimensions : 230(W) x 210(D) x 260(H) mm
      - Maximum Sample Size : 210mm(H), 65mm(V)
      - Maximum Sample Weight : 2kg
      - Wide Movement Range : X,Y : 120mm-Z : 5~65mm-T : -20° ~ 90°-R : 360°

VERITAS Big Chamber


Tabletop SEM Benchtop SEM desktop SEM Scanning electron microscope

1. Large Sample Analysis
  Veritas-Series can  analyze large samples which we're unable to do with Genesis- Series. ex) Wafer, Disk


SEM Tabletop SEM Benchtop SEM Desktop SEM Scanning Electron Microscope Phenom Coxem

Pattern Analysis


2. Non-destructive Sample Analysis
  Able to analyze sample without cutting.
  ex) PCB, Semiconductor pattern Analysis

Big Chamber

benchtop SEM tabletop SEM Desktop SEM Scanning Electron Microscope

3. Heavy Sample Analysis
  Able to analyze heavy sample up to 2kg
  ex) Rock, Iron Ore

Small Footprint

benchtop SEM Desktop SEM Tabletop SEM Scanning Electron Microscope Microscopy Phenon Coxem Nanoimage

800mm x 825mm electron microscope scanning electron microscope

Veritas Information

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