SEM Repair: Maintaining Your Microscope with EOI

SEM Repair: Maintaining Your Microscope with EOI

Purchasing a scanning electron microscope (SEM) can be a costly and onerous process, and this doesn’t necessarily end once the initial bill has been paid. You will need to factor in ongoing costs of ownership such as routine maintenance and intermittent – or emergency – SEM repair. Fortunately, many equipment suppliers are willing to come to arrangements for ongoing inspection and servicing of your machine – and this is highly advised.

Whether you have bought your SEM through Electron Optics Instruments or through a third-party supplier, we would always recommend undertaking a service contract to ensure your instrumentation is working to full capacity and capability. This not only preserves the efficiency and integrity of your workflow but may help you avoid catastrophic costs down the line.

Why Consider an SEM Repair & Service Contract?

Although the purchasing cycle is not what it used to be, an ultra-resolution field emission scanning electron microscope – or FSEM – can set you back almost $1 million up-front. Although extensive efforts towards commercialising SEM systems have been undertaken since the 1960s, even the latest entry-level tabletop SEMs represent a hefty investment. Additionally, you are unlikely to find a turn-key system with plug and play functionality, meaning you may need installation support and set-up validation.

But SEM repair contracts are not solely useful to new buyers. For many labs, an SEM is a lifetime investment based primarily on resolution requirements which are unlikely to ever change. Yet other aspects of your workflow are unlikely to stand quite so still forever. Perhaps you have been using an analogue system and are considering an SEM upgrade for digital functionality and Windows compatibility. We can help with that. Our SEM repair and service contracts cover full consultations around per diem services and bespoke upgrades to elevate the performance of your trustworthy SEM system.  

Interested in learning more? Contact a member of the EOI team today to schedule a demo with one of the best-in-class benchtop SEMs on the market, or to discuss SEM repair contracts for new and old microscope systems alike.