Tabletop SEMs from EOI

Tabletop SEMs from EOI


Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is an asset in any laboratory. SEMs not only offer higher resolution and greater depths of focus than conventional microscopic imaging techniques, but they have the added capability of capturing multiple signals (backscattered electrons, secondary electrons, backscattered X-rays). This forms the basis of detailed chemical and structural insights into samples under test at previously unfathomable scales. But not all labs can justify the ownership of full-size SEM systems.

Drawbacks of Full-Scale SEMs

The power and precision of a full-size SEM come with significant trade-offs. Firstly, the vacuum column, sample chamber, and image processing equipment take up a significant amount of workspace. This is already prohibitive for small facilities. Secondly, all this equipment comes at a significant cost of ownership. Thirdly – and lastly – large SEMs are not the simplest instruments to use, requiring highly skilled operating personnel.

These factors have conspired to make scanning electron microscopy unattainable for many market areas. However, tabletop SEMs have emerged as a natural progression of full-scale systems, providing a compact and cost-effective alternative with comparable power to the larger systems of research-grade labs.

Electron Optics Instruments’ Tabletop SEMs

At Electron Optics Instruments (EOI), we specialise in benchtop SEMs that minimise necessary installation areas and dramatically reduce the costs associated with ownership of a robust electron microscopy system.


The Cube II is the industry’s smallest conventional SEM, with compact dimensions and a lightweight structure. It was designed for ease of installation with simple plug-and-play capabilities straight out of the box. Despite this focus on miniaturization, the Cube II benchtop SEM retains the outstanding magnifications and high image resolution associated with much larger electron microscopes.

Genesis SEM

Like the Cube II, the Genesis SEM is a small-form benchtop system engineered for maximum ease of usability and cost-savings. The Genesis comes in two different formats with a small- and a medium-sized stage to accommodate samples of different sizes, each offering good axial manipulation with five degrees of freedom.

Veritas SEM

The Veritas SEM is our top-of-the-range tabletop SEM solution with a major sample chamber and a super long axis stage. It is a robust solution for high throughput and routine imaging during batch-processing and quality control (QC).

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