What is Driving the Demand for Portable SEMs?

What is Driving the Demand for Portable SEMs?

When asking potential buyers of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) why they do not have SEM systems installed on their premises yet, you might hear that they generally see challenges in costs, complexity, and size. Portable SEMs have now progressed to a stage where they fit on a benchtop and run using an all-in-one workstation. They reach comparable power to much larger full-size SEM systems in terms of magnification and imaging resolution for considerably lower costs. These qualities make portable SEMs more attractive for new users in many application fields.

Growing Demand for Portable SEMs in Life Sciences

The life science market, with its various branches, is a major field where demands for SEMs increase considerably. Health awareness is high in our society and as people generally have higher life expectancy, chronic diseases are on the rise. On the short run, the covid-19 pandemic has a worldwide impact on research activities in drug discovery. The overall advancements in our health care system also lead to higher demands for pharmaceuticals in general.

So, how does life science correlate with the demand for portable SEMs? The above mentioned examples of challenges in life science strongly depend on medical and biological research activities for the development and manufacturing of products. SEMs are the perfect tool on the microscopic level for researchers and developers. High resolution imaging is needed to develop drug components as well as examining bacteria and viruses or biological samples such as tissue in biomedical research – often on the cellular level. Further, quality assurance and control is an essential field for SEMs in life science product development and production.

Why Portable SEMs are the Perfect Choice

But many manufacturers and research institutions hesitated in buying SEMs due to high costs (acquisition costs, maintenance, and repairs), large space and other technical requirements as well as the demand for expert users for operation. The new generation of portable SEMs bring all advantages of SEMs but at a smaller scale, at high usability, and they are much more affordable than conventional full-size SEMs. Portable SEMs will certainly boost scanning electron microscopy in many fields for clients who will reconsider the application of SEM in their facilities – either in research or manufacturing. 

Portable SEMs from Electron Optics Instruments

At Electron Optics Instruments, we offer you one of the best portable SEMs on the market today: the Cube II SEM combines minimized installation area with a maximum of magnification and imaging resolution. On top of that, portable SEMs have never been easier in usability for both novice and expert users. The Cube II SEM is connected via USB to a Windows 10-based PC workstation; the vacuum is ready within 90 seconds, and ventilation ready within 10 seconds. Interested in purchasing portable SEMs? Simply contact a member of the EOI team today for full specifications, potential applications, or for a quote.